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Without the Holy Spirit, this church, or any other church, could not exist.  It is He who inspired the writers of Scripture, and He who dwells in every Christian, giving us life in Christ.  All our efforts are dust and ashes apart from Him.  So. . . . .

Welcome to Life in Christ Community Church!  In this place, the Lord's house, we as believers in Christ Jesus, we worship, sing and dance to our Lord and Savior.  The Holy Spirit, not only reigns in our hearts, but also reigns in this place.

We teach and preach our Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ.  We are witnesses to His life and follow His teachings through the Holy Word in scriptures.  Our mission is to reach those who are hurting, searching, and needing a savior.  Our goal is to take the gospel to the four corners of Springfield as a start.

If you are visiting Life in Christ for the first time or looking for a home church, let me just say that this is a remarkable and amazing church.

~ Pastor Miguel Ten and First Lady, Vilma Ten

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